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Bay and Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?

Wide, multiple-panel windows help bring more natural light to your home, frame the outdoor scenery and add beauty to your interiors. These are the reasons why bay and bow windows are a favorite among homeowners. Many of them, however, get confused with these two window types. While they look the same, there are slight differences between the two. This article discusses them further.

Bay and Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?
Bay and Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?

Features of the Bay Window

This window style protrudes or juts outward from the side of your home. It is composed of three sections—one window at the center and two more flanking the left and right sides. The central window is often fixed, with inoperable types like picture windows coming to mind. The side windows are set at a specific angle. Here, operable windows such as casement or double-hung windows can be installed to allow ventilation.

Features of the Bow Window

This window style, as the name suggests, looks like a bow. It also juts outward from the side of your home, but the combination of windows help form a subtle yet elegant arc. It often has a set of at least four of either casement or double-hung windows, creating an illusion of a glass wall.

Benefits of Both Windows

Both bay and bow windows are great fixtures to have for your home improvement project. Bay windows enhance the interior of bedrooms and modern kitchens. Bow windows, meanwhile, look great in living rooms and similar spaces where they can be the focal point.

Regardless of where they are installed, bay and bow windows provide the interior with panoramic views of the outdoors. They also help natural light enter the interior space in different directions, establishing a bright and spacious room. Add to that the interior sills of these windows. For many, they can serve as an extension of the living space.

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