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A Guide to Durable Window Options: Part 1 – Anatomy of a Window

A window’s certainly more than just glass set in a frame. It needs to be tough enough to withstand the worst of the weather, yet still look classy and elegant, such that it visibly enhances the look of your home.

A Guide to Durable Window Options: Part 1 – Anatomy of a Window
Anatomy of a Window

Because windows are such an important and indispensible component of the home, homeowners need a good understanding of how they work; which, in turn requires you to gain a certain degree of familarity with each of a window’s parts.

All windows have the same basic components, including these:

Apron – A horizontal board located under the window sill, directly attached to the wall
Glazing – The main glass surface of a window. Could consist of a single frame or two or more layers
Muntins – Small strips of wood or metal that run along the window’s glass surface that divide it into smaller pieces and also provide extra structural support. Also known as lites or grilles
Jambs – The vertical parts of the window frame
Rails – Found in certain window types, keeps the window sash aligned with the frame during operation
Sash – The part of the window that holds the glass in place. Could swing, slide, or be tilted open, depending on the type of window
Sill – The part of a window that protrudes like a shelf, found on the bottom edge of the frame
Side casing – Horizontal and vertical molding that runs along the edge of the window, designed to cover the part where the window frame meets the wall.
Stiles – The major vertical supports of a window sash, positioned on both sides of the window
Some windows are also fitted with additional hardware to better enhance function, such as levers, springs, and locking mechanisms.

With a basic knowledge and understanding of the different parts of a window, let’s now take a look at what makes a window durable in the first place. Find the answers in part 2!

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