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4 Components of an Energy-Saving Replacement Window

Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows, causing them to fail. Before they compromise your home’s quality of life, you should invest in window replacement. This home improvement project is your best bet to keeping a comfortable and efficient home.

4 Components of an Energy-Saving Replacement Window
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Renewal by Andersen®, your premier window company in Kansas City, MO, can help you with this. With our range of high-end replacement windows, we’ll help you enjoy reduced energy costs in your home. Here are the four components that allow them to hit the highest energy performance marks:

1. Framing Material—We use exclusive Fibrex® composite for our Renewal by Andersen windows. It combines the strength and insulating properties of wood with the low maintenance features of vinyl. Fibrex doesn’t crack, pit, and corrode. Unlike vinyl, this material doesn’t expand or contract as much when exposed to extreme weather and temperature.

Fibrex also keeps an airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss. By helping keep costly heating or cooling energy inside your home, you can enjoy considerable energy savings. Turn to us for energy-efficient replacement windows in Kansas City. Our products are so efficient that they exceed the stringent energy performance ratings set by ENERGY STAR® program.

2. Advanced Glass Packages—Our Renewal by Andersen windows come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. This advanced component helps reduce radiant heat transfer inside your home, resulting in thermally comfortable interiors minus the high cooling bills. At the same time, this efficient glass can block harmful UV light. This helps protect your walls, furniture, and flooring from sun damage.

3. Double Glazing—Single pane windows are outdated and inefficient. Our window selection, however, comes with double panes. We optimize the width of space between these two panes of glass so that your replacement units, including casement windows in Kansas City, can provide exceptional thermal performance.

4. Spacer—This component serves as a moisture barrier against water and vapor. Our range of windows uses low-conductivity, stainless steel spacers—far stronger alternatives to aluminum ones. They also use less material while keeping your windows’ glass stable.

Replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City hit all the marks in energy efficiency. To experience the positive difference in your home firsthand, call us at (913) 956-0887 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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