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3 Essentials to Consider When Replacing Historic Windows

Your windows define the historic character of your home, maintaining that traditional look you’re aiming for. That’s why you have to make sure they remain in top form. Preservation societies, in fact, advise homeowners to invest in repairs if their original windows are deteriorating. However, these windows can sustain so much damage that you’re better off going for replacements.

3 Essentials to Consider When Replacing Historic Windows
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This takes careful planning. You’ll want replacement units that can provide an accurate reproduction of your existing historic windows. How accurate do they have to be? Renewal by Andersen®, the expert in home improvement in Kansas City, shares the factors you need to consider when replacing historic windows.

1. Size and Shape of Window Frames—The dimensions should match the original windows. These include the sill, brick mold, and blind stop. It’s also better if the replacement units’ framing material use, or at least emulate, the look of the original windows’. You can also incorporate any decorative details from the old units into the new ones. Renewal by Andersen, for instance, uses exclusive Fibrex® composite for our replacement windows in Kansas City. It consists of 40% clean, reclaimed wood fiber. With this material, you can expect the strength and insulating properties of wood, as well as its classic look.

2. Finishes—Your replacement windows should have a finish that duplicates the original window’s colors. If you can’t recreate the exact coloring, you can go for hues that are suitable for the home’s time period. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers replacement windows that come in stainable wood finishes, including oak, maple, and pine. These make it easier to match your new units with your home’s vintage look.

3. Glass—Go for window glass without tints or mirror finish. If you want to save energy in your home, you can invest in replacement windows with advanced Low-E coatings. Much like our Kansas City doors, Renewal by Andersen windows come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. This helps reduce radiant heat transfer while protecting your interiors from sun damage. Since you won’t have to rely much on your cooling system, you can enjoy a more thermally comfortable home minus the high energy costs.

You can count on Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City for replacement windows that can recreate the historic beauty of your original windows. Call us today (913) 956-0887 or fill out our form today to learn more.

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