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Which Way Should Your Casement Windows Open?

When it comes to designing your casement windows, there are many options that you will want to consider. In addition to the frame color and the option to add grilles, one important consideration involves the direction in which they open. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, one of the leading sources of replacement windows in the area, explains further.

Casement Windows

Understanding Casement Windows

When you choose a casement window, your contractor will ask whether you would like it to be From Curb Left (FCL) or From Curb Right (FCR). FCL windows have hinges on the left and the locking mechanism on the right. FCR windows, on the other hand, have hinges on the right and locking mechanism on the left.

There are four things to consider when choosing whether you would like to have FCL or FCR casement windows.

  • Casement Pairs – Casement windows look great when they come in pairs. They can be placed next to each other or with a patio door in the middle. For the opening of your windows, it’s best to place the FCL on the left side and the FCR on the right. This way, your windows will open looking like double doors and not like pages of a book.

  • Dominant Hand – If you are right-handed, the FCR is the most ideal. FCL is for the left-handed. This adds to the ease of opening your windows.

  • Ventilation – To catch breezes, your FCR and FCL can be located on opposite sides of your home. This makes passive ventilation easier to achieve as long as there is an unobstructed path between them.

  • Aesthetics – You can also think about the curb appeal of your home when choosing the opening. Take note that the hinged side of your casement windows should be closest to the corner of your room. That way, all casement windows open toward the center of your living area.

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