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The Features of an Energy-Efficient Window

Many homeowners turn to high-quality replacement windows with energy-efficient qualities for obvious reasons. Replacing old units with these products allows you to enjoy energy savings and overall comfort year-round. But what are the windows made of that makes them energy-efficient? Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City takes a closer look at their numerous features.

Energy-Efficient Window

Low-Emissivity Glass Coating

An energy-efficient window with a low-emissivity (low-E) coating on the glass means it can allow sunlight into your home while blocking out the infrared and ultraviolet light. Infrared makes your home less comfortable during summer and winter, while ultraviolet rays cause carpets, curtains and other interior fixtures to fade.


Another feature of energy-efficient sliding and casement windows is their insulation. Insulation helps ensure your windows’ thermal efficiency and keeps them free of condensation. Insulation helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Framing Material

The framing material also determines how energy-efficient windows are. At Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, our windows are equipped with our Fibrex® frames, which contain 40% reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymers. Our frames offer the natural beauty and durability of wood combined with the low-maintenance features of vinyl. Fibrex®, in fact, blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum frames. This allows you to save on your heating and cooling needs.

Multipane Glazing

Windows with at least two panes of glass offer top-notch thermal performance by reducing heat transfer. That’s all thanks to the framing material that offers insulation and the gas fill in the middle of the panes. The inert gas, which is either krypton or argon, helps bolster the windows’ thermal performance, keeping your indoors comfortable despite the extreme heat or cold outdoors.

Are you looking for a window company that offers energy-efficient replacement windows? Look no further than Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City. Call us now at (913) 956-0887 or fill out our contact form for a consultation. We serve clients in Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas.

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