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Soundproofing Your Home Starts With Our Windows

Regular windows readily admit light and sound—it’s part of their nature, being basically holes set into walls. Advanced residential windows like ours, however, are manufactured to restrict some of these issues, particularly heat and light.

Soundproofing you Window

While Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City doesn’t make soundproof windows per se, our windows’ features make them an excellent starter pack for making your home as quiet as possible. And all that with our signature heat insulation and durability. Here’s a tour of what comes with your windows.

Two-Pane Construction

It’s common wisdom that the thicker the layer, the more sound it can block. After all, sound is practically deadened by a wall. So how about our regular window construction that employs two panes of glass? Each has the right thickness to restrict both thermal and acoustic transfer. Two panes generally have twice the noise resistance of a single pane, which is thermally inefficient anyway.

The good news is that we use a two-pane construction as a standard, so whether you want picture or double hung windows, you’d get two panes right from the get-go.

Spacing and Argon Gas Fill

Yet we don’t stop there. We optimize the space between the panes to make it even more difficult for sound and heat to pass through. While we didn’t exactly have soundproofing in mind when calculating for just the right amount of space between the panes—we were thinking of minimizing heat transfer—this feature also makes our windows better equipped to block noise.

Finally, we inject this vacuum with argon gas. This is an inert gas that blocks thermal energy from traveling to and from the two panes of glass. As it is heavier than just air, heat convection is much slower. This feature also happens to act as a cushion against sound, which—again—blocks some of the noise.

Airtight Construction and Installation

Sound waves travel through the molecules of air; the denser the molecules, the faster it travels. But at Renewal by Andersen, we make our windows so airtight that no air goes in and out of it. As a result, with no medium to carry it, sound is practically stopped at our windows. It doesn’t matter whether hinged or sliding windows; when closed, our windows are sound-resistant.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is your top window installation contractor. There’s a reason your neighbors trust us for their windows. To learn more, call us at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our form. We serve residents of Olathe and Independence, MO.

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