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Should You Get Window Grilles?

Window grilles are a classic feature found in older windows. Back in the 1600s, their main purpose was to make glass shipment easier because large panes of glass were prone to breakage during transport. With window grilles, people could assemble a full window by piecing smaller panes together. Today, grilles no longer serve any functional purpose; they are solely used as an aesthetic element.

 Window Grilles

In this post, home improvement expert Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City shares tips to help you decide whether to add grilles to your windows or not.

Modern Grilles

Window grilles had a specific function. They used to be thicker so they could support the smaller pieces of glass. Modern grilles are mainly used for decoration, but sometimes aluminum grilles are used to reinforce windows and deter burglars. Newer versions of window grilles are also placed between the glass panes for ease of maintenance. Before, grilles were placed on the outside of the glass, creating several corners that tended to accumulate dirt and were harder to clean.

Should You Get Grilles?

It depends on the architectural style of your home. Traditional styles like Gothic, New England and Colonial benefit greatly from window grilles. However, this does not mean modern homes can’t have windows with grilles. You can also consider window grilles for contemporary homes, but you have to check whether the grilles will complement the overall design of your home. If your home has a traditional look, then window grilles will fit right in. But if your home has a minimalist, sleek design, then it’s best not to add them.

Consider the View

Another factor to consider is whether installing window grilles will disrupt the view from your window. If the window is looking out into a suburb with no discernable landscape, then there won’t be a problem. But if your window is facing toward a pleasant view, then it may not be a good idea to block the scenery with grilles.

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