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How to Spot Broken Window Seals

Today’s residential windows provide more than just a scenic view of your yard — they also help boost your home’s energy efficiency. But for them to perform their intended function, they must undergo regular maintenance by trusted professionals who can identify and address issues such as window seal failure.

Broken Window Seals

Understanding Window Seals

Older windows were made with unsealed single-pane glass that’s held together using glazing putty. This isn’t good for retaining indoor heat as natural wear and tear can affect the putty over time. Eventually, the material can crack or loosen, which makes the glass loose within its frame while also allowing the indoor air to escape. This makes the HVAC system work harder to replace what was lost, which leads to higher energy consumption and higher utility bills.

This isn’t a big problem today, however, as most windows are now made with either two or three layers of glass. They’re separated by a partial vacuum that’s filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton and sealed to prevent it from leaking. These insulated glass units (IGUs) are also coated with a heat-reflective low-emissivity material to help slow the heat transfer.

Determining if Your Window’s Seal Has Failed

Window seals keep the inert gas between the glass panes from leaking. Over time, seals can fail due to natural wear and tear, and you will need to have them replaced. However, if you recently had them replaced, there may be a problem with the product or how it was installed. It’s best to call in your trusted contractor who can do a thorough window inspection.

To check for broken window seals, look for moisture buildup between the glass panes. Moisture won’t be visible between your panes all the time as it comes and goes with the weather, but it can build up to a point where the window becomes foggy and the moisture remains.

You can also see if there are mineral deposits, grime and dirt between the panes. This can be nearly impossible to clean. It can also affect your view of the outdoors depending on the amount of dirt your windows have accumulated. The window is no longer as energy efficient as it was before the seal was broken, so you’ll want to consider a full replacement.

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