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Good Window Maintenance Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Like any part of your home, keeping your windows cleaned and well-maintained is imperative. Occasional window maintenance helps ensure their long-term performance and preserve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City, your local source of replacement windows, French doors and sliding doors, shares tips to keep your windows in good condition and repair year-round.

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Perform Routine Maintenance

One way to keep your windows from aging prematurely is to clean and maintain them at least twice a year. Dirt and dust settle on window surfaces over time, so be sure to remove them as soon as you see them. Pay attention to the glass, sill, and hard-to-reach places like corners and tracks. Use a dustpan brush or broom handle for this task.

As for the frames and glass, use a mild soapy water mixture to keep them squeaky clean. Vinegar diluted in water also works well, effectively removing water spots that may appear on the glass surface. Dry using a soft, dry microfiber cloth. When performing routine maintenance, make sure it is done during a cloudy day to prevent windows from drying too quickly while you clean them.

Clean the Window Hardware, Too

Windows and doors installation pros recommend cleaning the window hardware as well. For this, however, the right cleaning solution must be used, like detergent mixed with water. Steer clear of cleaning materials that leave behind scratches or cause discolorations on the metallic surfaces of the hardware. To restore their sheen, however, a tiny bit of machine oil will do.

Replace Aging Windows

Sometimes, maintaining windows no longer works due to aging and signs of disrepair. In this instance, you need to replace them with better, more energy-efficient ones. When shopping for replacements, choose ones that make cleaning easier. Double-hung windows, for instance, can be tilted inward to help you clean the exterior of the windows while indoors.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City offers high-quality replacement windows, sliding doors and French doors. Give us a call at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our contact form to schedule a virtual consultation.  We serve homeowners in Olathe and the surrounding communities.

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