Fraud Blocker Fibrex® Frame Windows: A Viable Replacement for Vinyl
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Fibrex® Frame Windows: A Viable Replacement for Vinyl

Vinyl frames are incredibly popular because of their low initial cost, but they have a few downsides that can make them less than ideal for your window needs. Our home improvement experts recommend Fibrex® frames as an option, but what makes it a great alternative? Read on to find out.

Fibrex® Frame Windows

Better Structural Strength

Fibrex is made of polymers just like vinyl. However, it is reinforced by countless wood fibers embedded in the polymer. This gives Fibrex frames incredible structural strength while still resembling the look of vinyl. As a result, Fibrex frame windows are more durable and last longer.

Lower Maintenance

Because vinyl isn’t that durable, it’s prone to getting brittle over time and developing cracks. Fibrex frame windows do not have this issue, plus it also doesn’t suffer from color fading or yellowing unlike regular vinyl windows. You end up saving a lot on maintenance, so you get more value out of Fibrex frame windows in that aspect.

Better Energy Efficiency

Although vinyl windows are known for having good thermal resistance, Fibrex frame windows offer slightly better heat resistance, plus they do not expand or contract as much as vinyl frames. This means your window’s airtight seal also lasts longer before having to be repaired or replaced and you get better protection against drafts and leaks.

Getting Fibrex Frame Windows Installed

In order to perform at full efficiency, Fibrex frame windows must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. This is why you need to have your windows installed by a certified local doors and window contractor. This also provides better protection in the form of product and services warranties that can cover the costs of fixing problems caused by installation errors.

Get Fibrex frame windows for your home with help from our team. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is the leading roofing contractor in Kansas City. You can call us at (346) 229-1146 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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