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A Rundown on Bad Window Maintenance Mistakes

Scheduling window maintenance on a regular basis is a great thing. However, there are specific maintenance practices that can actually do more harm than good and must be unlearned if you want to avoid problems later on. The leading window company in the area is here to tell you about the four worst habits, and why you should get rid of them.

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1. Using Storm Windows to Protect Windows with Low-E Coating

Keeping storm windows installed may seem like a good way to prevent damage caused by unexpected storms, but that’s not true when it comes to windows with low-E glass panels. The heat reflected by the low-E coating ends up bouncing off the inner side of the storm windows, trapping the heat and increasing the risks of warping. Install storm windows only if there’s a bout of bad weather in the very near future and remove them when the weather clears up.

2. Power Washing Your Windows and Nearby Wall

Pressure washers do a great job at getting grime off the driveway, but they should never be used on windows or on the wall next to your windows. According to experts on replacement windows, the pressured water from a power washer can strip protective coating or open up seals along the frames. Also, bits of dirt on the wall around the window can get blasted into the glass surface, causing scratches. If you’re dealing with very tough stains, you’re better off getting help from a window maintenance specialist.

3. Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

Some homeowners resort to using strong cleaning agents to help get rid of persistent stains in their windows, but experts say that you should just stick to soap and warm water. This is because some cleaning agents might react to certain materials in the window. Too much reliance on strong cleaning agents could result in corroded sealants, accelerated color fading and even instances of etching on glass.

4. Leaving the Work to Untrained People

This one’s common, especially during summer when school’s out. Some homeowners will pay a bit of cash for part-timers or children to clean their windows. However, window experts say that your windows must be checked by professionals because some problems can end up unnoticed by less experienced people, even those with simple mechanisms like casement windows.

Keep your windows in good condition with help from our team. Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is the leading window contractor in Kansas City, MO. You can call us at (346) 229-1146 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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