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3 Reasons Why Fibrex® Is the Right Window Material for You

If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you want something durable, energy-efficient and attractive. After all, your windows are the “eyes” of your home – they bring in light, ventilation and provide you with a beautiful view. With the vast array of options available, it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect ones for your home. Luckily, Renewal by Andersen has developed a material that ticks all the boxes and more. Here’s why you should consider installing Fibrex® windows.

Right Window Material for You

1. Exceptional Durability

Fibrex is a composite material that uses wood fibers combined with polymers. It’s what gives it its strength and durability allowing our team to make thinner frames and use bigger panes of glass. Unlike vinyl, Fibrex is resistant to expansion and contraction which means it can withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions no matter where you live.

2. Remarkable Energy Efficiency

When combined with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, the energy efficiency of our Fibrex windows is second to none. As a trusted window company, one of our main goals is to help you and your family stay warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. And with this combination, we can help you achieve exactly that. 

3. Effortless Maintenance

Compared to other popular replacement window materials, Fibrex does not require repainting or refinishing. It does not rot or decay like wood so it required very little maintenance. If you’re a homeowner that doesn’t relish the idea of having your windows cleaned or maintained constantly, then Fibrex is definitely the choice for you.

From traditional casement windows to expansive picture windows and everything else in between, turn to Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City. For all your window-related needs, be sure to give us a call at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation. We faithfully serve residents in Kansas City, MO, as well as its neighboring communities.

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