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3 Common Suspects of Window Draftiness

Draftiness, or air leaks, happens for many reasons and to several degrees. Some homeowners won’t even know that their windows are drafty until they stand by their windows for a time and feel it, or they’ve eliminated all inefficient home components and only the windows were left. Whatever the case, drafty windows can spell trouble to your comfort and, consequently, your overall power consumption.

 Window Draftiness

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City points out a few likely suspects that cause drafty windows.

Bad Frames

The frame that holds the glass in place are usually the first ones to go bad. This might be because the frames itself were low-quality or they’ve cracked due to sheer age. As for the latter, repeated exposure to the seasons—the heat from summer and the cold in winter—will make both windows and doors expand and contract, respectively, compromising its structural integrity.

Fortunately, Renewal by Andersen uses Fibrex®, a patented material that combines the longevity and durability of vinyl with the insulating capabilities of wood. It’s been tested to stay as resilient as the day it was installed even after 20 years—even after being exposed to the volatility of weather. And the good news? We install it for all our windows.

Improper Installation

If it’s not the material, it’s likely how it was installed. Not all windows are installed correctly. If you purchased your windows off the shelf, they may not completely fit your window openings.

By contrast, Renewal by Andersen windows are made to order. We custom-make your windows depending on your specifications, with a tolerance of only a couple of millimeters. As a result, your windows are made exactly as how you need them.

Window Type

Windows are not made equal. For example, some windows naturally allow air leakage, and some window types more so than others. In general, operable windows normally allow air more than fixed ones. One exception is a casement window, which forms a tight seal when closed because its structure makes it flush with the frame.

Home improvement starts with replacing your windows with best-in-class products by Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City. Call us today at (913) 385-1300 or fill out our form to get started. We serve communities in Kansas City and nearby areas.

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