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What You Need to Know About Window Styles

Choosing the right windows for your home can be easier. Finding the best fit for your home starts by knowing your all your options. Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City discusses some of the different windows options we offer to help you decide.

What You Need to Know About Window Styles

Double Hung

What it is: You can refer to double hung windows in Independence, MO as the classic type of window. Apart from their simple look, these windows feature a sleek, narrow design, along with an upward moving/opening sash.

Why you would want it: Being the epitome of simplicity, this window type can fit virtually every room of any home. It’s also among the most affordable door options today.


What it is: Often tall and slim, casement windows feature a wide, clear pane. These are the simplest of all windows to operate and clean. The casement window also opens its entire length vertically.

Why you would want it: If you’re looking for a window that combines ventilation and illumination, this is the window to buy. Casement windows suit the bathroom, living room, and the kitchen.

Bow & Bay

What these are: These two are typically discussed together because these share a common feature: these jut out prominently from a home’s wall and are essentially a bank of windows (you can mix and match the types used depending on your need). The difference lies in their shape, as bow windows are gently curved across their length, while bay windows are linear.

Why you would want these: Both these window options enhance curb appeal—these stand out prominently. As such, bow and bay windows also offer great views from wherever you install them, especially the living room. These can also provide great illumination and ventilation, depending on the windows you choose.


What it is: A picture window is mounted glass. Unlike other windows, it’s the only window type that you cannot open, assuring you of better energy efficiency.

Why you would want it: You install a picture window when you want to maximize a particularly great view. It also provides great illumination.

All our residential windows in Independence, MO, are energy-efficient because of our two innovative materials: Fibrex® for the frames and High Performance™ Low-E4® for the panes. That means more value for your money, apart from getting the perfect match for your needs. Contact Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City to find the solutions for all your windows needs.

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