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Preserving Your Home’s Architectural Beauty

Do you need a new window but hesitant in getting a replacement because it might affect your home’s architectural beauty? If you are, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City has the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Preserving Your Home’s Architectural Beauty

When it comes to home improvement in Kansas City that involves upgrading your old windows, get in touch with our window experts here at Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City. Find out more about our unique window features.

Fibrex®: Renewal by Andersen’s Innovative Frame Material

Thanks to our Fibrex® frames, you can replace your old, leaky windows without having to worry about affecting your home’s original look. As it can be custom-made to resemble the design of any material, it allows us to preserve your home’s original architectural beauty. We can provide you with state-of-the-art windows that all the features and benefits of a modern style. Moreover, these can incorporate the same sash design and the frame reflecting the lines and shape of the original windows.

Other Benefits of Fibrex

Here’s more of what you can expect from Renewal by Andersen windows made from the innovative Fibrex material:

• Durability – Tougher than most framing materials today, Fibrex can withstand most elements.
• Strength – The material’s strong enough to allow us to make our frames and sashes narrower, which means wider glass areas for a more scenic view for you.
• Longevity – Our windows can last long even against harsh climate conditions.
• Energy Efficiency – Our amazing framing material has superior thermal insulating properties. Pair it with our Low-E4 glass options, and your new windows will not only make your home more comfortable all year long. In fact, these will also help in reducing your energy bills.
• Low Maintenance – Your new windows will never need scraping or repainting because these will not rot, decay, or mold.
• Environmentally Friendly – Fibrex is made mostly of reclaimed wood fiber and reclaimed thermoplastic polymer, which means it helps in reducing manufacturing wastes.

Renewal by Andersen has been the go-to expert when it comes to Kansas City doors and replacement windows. We offer a range of styles that are sure to provide your home with many benefits. Moreover, these will surely complement your home’s look.

Know more about our company, products, and services by browsing through this site or by giving us a call. Choose Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City today!

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