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Protected from Pollen: Get Clues, Shut the Windows

High pollen volume was expected to burden Kansas and even during the first few days of June still reported “very high” count for the state. There’s not much you can do to avoid pollen altogether but you can minimize the misery.

First, we have to keep ourselves informed by listening/checking the news and browsing through online updates for pollen forecast.

As soon as we learn of a “high” pollen forecast in the area, we should keep our doors and windows closed. The local news source reported:

You’ve heard of the Polar Vortex. Now comes the Pollen Vortex.

Thanks to erratic weather that produced 70-degree days followed by snowstorms, trees that typically pollinate in early March released their pollen up to two months later. Those late bloomers overlapped with the pollination of other trees, causing a perfect storm of tree pollen in the spring air. A lack of rain to wash it away only worsened the situation.

It’s bad enough where people who don’t even have seasonal allergies are having symptoms because it’s just so thick.

But hold on to your hankies, allergy sufferers. The worst is yet to come. Just wait until the grass pollen joins the party in late May and continues through the summer.

To somehow curb the issue, you want to make sure that your windows are in good shape. Inefficient windows, instead of providing protection for your family, can cause more harm once pollen brought by wind enters through broken and jammed windows sill. It is best to have Renewal by Andersen, a professional contractor for windows in Kansas City, checked your panes to get a thorough assessment.

Renewal by Andersen understands that getting services for windows Installation Kansas City can entail a serious financial commitment. To get the most from your money, we highly recommend our exclusive Fibrex™ window to spare you the trouble of constant maintenance and repairs.

Get in touch with Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City now and we will guide you through the process of selecting the style of window that will protect you from the harms of pollen attack.

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