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The Psychology of Color Choices in Home Renovations

Choosing colors for your home isn’t just about what your favorite colors are. Unless you want a supremely monochromatic aesthetic, you want combinations that work well with the features of your home. Do puce casement windows work well with the pastel reds of your walls? Does a white door contrast too much against a dark wood frame? Color combinations are not as easy as they sound. Your choices can greatly affect not only the look of your home but the feeling you get when you walk in.

The Psychology of Color Choices in Home Renovations

The Psychology of Color Choices in Home Renovations

Save yourself the stress of choosing colors with these tried and true tips from our professionals at Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City.

Shades of Red

Red signifies energy, passion, romance and warmth. Living rooms with predominantly red walls are pleasing and inviting. Red can be straightforward, inspiring a stronger response from visitors or it can be subtly hinted at with softer accent pieces or a contrasting wall.

Moreover, red is also a great color for dining rooms because it can stimulate your appetite. Have you ever wondered why it’s the most popular color in restaurants? Consider pairing red walls with replacement windows of adjacent colors such as a very light pink or subdued oranges for a smoother transition.

Hues of Blue

At the other end of the spectrum is a much calmer color: blue. Blue inspires relaxation. It’s also an excellent color to signify strength. Blue is known to boost productivity and creativity, making it a perfect color for rooms where you expect to do a lot of work. A home office, perhaps?

Consider muted blues with grey undertones for your bedroom. Contrasted with warmer accents such as earthy colors and even gentler shades of red, it can turn any space into a haven for rest and quiet.

Vibrant Yellows

Yellow is such a versatile color it can go with almost anything. Yellow shows happiness, brilliance and optimism. You can play around with its intensity to stimulate either your metabolism (perfect for kitchens and dining areas) or your creativity (perfect for home studies), and everything in between. Ask your replacement window company what shade of yellow matches your home, and watch as it transforms the space into a brighter, happier place.

Explore the wide variety of colors that breathe life into our products at Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City. Call today at (913) 956-0887 and get an in-home demonstration, free of charge. We serve Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas.

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