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The Difference of Fibrex® Frames

Fibrex® is what makes windows from Renewal by Andersen® different from others on the market. This exclusive composite material is made of a combination of wood grains and thermoplastic polymer. It provides maximum strength and durability while ensuring energy efficiency. All these serve to improve the lives of every homeowner and household in Kansas City.

Maximum Durability

Fibrex has several advantages over other materials used in home improvement in Kansas City. It offers stability that vinyl, which is prone to warping and sagging, can’t give. In fact, it is resistant to corrosion, rot, and peeling, making your windows look fresh for a long time. Better still, Fibrex doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which certainly helps you save on related costs.


Another quality that makes Fibrex stand out is its sustainability. The reclaimed materials used to make Fibrex are from Renewal by Andersen’s production excess. This ensures that no materials go to waste. And since it lasts for a long time, you won’t have to replace your windows and doors often, which can help decrease the amount of trash thrown in landfills. With our products, you’re helping reduce wastes and save the environment.

Energy Efficiency

When you get windows made of our exclusive material, expect your home to be more energy-efficient. Because it is weather-tight, it prevents unwanted air from getting inside your home. Additionally, the frame and sashes act as a thermal barrier, maintaining comfort despite extreme weather. This then results in lower heating and cooling costs.

If durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency are important to you, then our replacement windows are exactly what you need. To learn more about Fibrex, call us at (913) 956-0887. Apart from windows, we also offer high-quality Kansas City doors. You can choose from a range of patio and entry doors that will surely complement both your home’s exterior and interior.

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