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Efficiency, Style, & Features: A Guide to Buying New Windows

Shopping for windows isn’t always an easy task, especially when you are serious about enhancing the look of your home, improving energy efficiency, and avoiding the possibility of costly repairs. However, if you count the benefits of replacement windows in Kansas City, such as that of providing comfort for the family members and guests, then it can be rewarding home improvement project. Furthermore, replacing old windows helps your home withstand different weather conditions.

Here are three essential things you need to consider when shopping for windows:

Efficiency Ratings

Choosing replacement windows with a high energy rating can reduce your energy usage and costs. To get the best product, you need to learn about efficiency ratings and common labels, such as U-value, or U-factor, Visible Transmittance (VT), or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

When replacing windows, choose a product with Low-E4® glass, such as windows from Renewal by Andersen®. Compared to conventional dual pane glass, High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass is 56% more energy efficient during summer and 45% more energy efficient during winter.

Types and Styles

Knowing the different types of windows can help you find the design that will complement your home design. Wood-frame windows are popular, as they are more eye-catching than other materials, however, they are also the priciest compared to other window types. To get the best value for your money, choose Fibrex® windows by Renewal by Andersen®. Unlike other products with limited colors and styles, windows from Renewal by Andersen come in a range of colors, hardware finishes, and grille patterns. You won’t have to settle for a design that only comes close to your preferences. With about 47 exterior/interior color combinations, a variety of grill patterns and about 11 hardware finishes, you can be confident that you’ll find exactly what you want with Renewal by Andersen.


Durability and sustainability are features you should look for in replacement windows if you want to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Fibrex windows last longer than other products and are twice as strong as vinyl. Unlike Fiberglass and wood, you won’t have to paint or scrape them to maintain their appearance. Furthermore, they won’t decay, rot, and have molds.

You do not have to do a major home improvement project to reduce cooling and heating costs. Simply switching to energy-efficient windows can have significant effects. A Kansas City window contractor from Renewal by Andersen can help you find the right windows for your home to suit any type of budget as well as the latest window innovations. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to guide you more in your window-buying decision.

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