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Why Paint Your Door a Neutral Color?

When it comes to the look of your doors, color is everything. A nice shade on your French doors, for example, can mean all the difference in terms of the curb appeal of your house. For those reasons, Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City recommends different types of neutral colors. See why they are your best ally in design.

Why Paint Your Door a Neutral Color?
Why Paint Your Door a Neutral Color?

They Don’t Clash With Other Colors

In case you didn’t know, neutral colors are designed as hues without colors. Shades of brown, black, white and gray give the image of subtlety. They don’t stand out like primary colors.

In other words, a gray door doesn’t exactly mean the same as a drab patio door. Rather than striking against other colors (which could clash with the room), they should act as visually relaxing hues. This way, you can help create a focal point. For example, a white patio door can be a calming entry point into a green living room.

They Can Blend With Any Design

Door installations in your house involve consideration of design like textures or patterns. However, finding the right color for these is important or it may cause visual incongruity.

When you choose beige, brown or any other neutral color, you can easily fit them to any design without worrying about how it will work. At the same time, it also can be used to highlight a part of the door like the window or the doorknob.

They Can Emphasize the Background or Stand Out

Whether it’s the walls and decorations of the room or the beauty of your siding, a neutral-colored patio door or even sliding doors pays dividends. By emphasizing the space around them, you can give life to the room. Alternatively, you can use the door as the perfect focus for the entryway. For example, our doors can be finished in bronze, bras and nickel. These finishes can stand out while meshing with various colors.

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