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When Should You Think About Getting a New Door?

If your existing door is weathered due to wear and exposure to the elements, you’ll be surprised how much a new door can benefit your home and your level of comfort. Check out some of these factors that may mean you need a new door.

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A Door Lets In Drafts and is Hard to Close

You may need to look into installation of doors in Olathe if you feel a draft coming in through the seams around your old door. If it lets cold air in and heated air out, your HVAC is probably working double-time. A door that’s hard to close, on the other hand, may indicate that it doesn’t fit any more due to damage, or the hinges are coming loose.

A Door Does Not Slide Smoothly

You probably need new Olathe sliding doors if the ones you have now are stuck or won’t slide smoothly. Metal track sliding doors have been around for a long time. A combination of rust, accumulated dirt and debris, and broken parts may cause a sliding patio door to malfunction.

A Door Has Broken Glass

French doors in Olathe are charming; they’re great for letting in light. If they let in more than that, however, you need to call a professional. Whether the glass is still there but cracked, or is no longer in the frame, a door with such problems is a security risk and a waste of energy. It will also let in moisture.

Don’t keep that broken, unsightly or difficult-to-open door. At Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, we will help you get the right door to replace the problemone you have now. Call us at (913) 956-0887 and we’ll show you how a new door brings peace of mind and value.

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