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Value, Comfort, and Beauty: When a Replacement Makes Sense

Replacing your old doors and failing windows now makes perfect sense. It’s especially true if you’re planning to stay where you currently live for a long time. It can benefit you as a homeowner in many ways. In fact, we always encourage our clients to invest in replacement windows and doors installation in Olathe. Here’s why:

1. High ROI
Replacement projects can return a good chunk of your dollar down the line. Based on Remodeling’s “2015 Cost Vs. Value Report,” even a midpriced entry door replacement in Kansas and surrounding areas can recoup up to 86% of you investment. Similarly, a midrange window replacement in that region can give back up to 80.6% of its original price.

These numbers are not bad at all, considering more luxurious remodels tend to fetch significantly lower ROIs. For instance, you’d think an upscale bathroom addition for your Kansas home would make a valuable investment. In reality, it returns only 48.6% of its initial cost on average. All in all, you’re better off putting your savings into a window or door replacement.

2. Improved Comfort
Windows have always played an important role indoors. They keep excessive heat out, protect your privacy, and connect you with the outdoors. They bring in fresh air and great views to relax or stimulate you. What’s more, choosing the right style and material can significantly help in lowering your cooling and heating costs.

The same is true with doors. While their main purpose is still to provide security, newer models are even fitted with improved energy efficiency features to keep you comfortable. Olathe sliding doors from Renewal by Andersen®, for example, use a reach-out lock system for increased weathertightness. They also feature High-Performance™ glass with a multilayer low-emissivity coating for better insulation.

3. Increased Appeal
Your home’s overall attractiveness relies heavily on the appearance of your exteriors. Your windows and doors play a large part in that as well. Damaged units do not work in your favor at all, especially if you have neighbors and guests to impress.

We recommend getting better-looking replacements. Choose units made with more durable materials so that they can last for years to come. We suggest you browse Renewal by Andersen’s expansive roster for the best-looking replacement windows and doors in the business.

Bonus: Renewal by Andersen units are very low-maintenance too. You won’t have to worry about frequent repainting or re-staining jobs that can drain the contents of your wallet down the line.

As your experts in home improvement in the Kansas area, we encourage you to invest in window and door replacement. Once you’ve decided to do so, turn to Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City.

Our unique start-to-finish process takes care of every step of your project, beginning with a free consultation at your home. Talk to our professionals at (913) 956-0887 to let us know the schedule that works best for you.

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