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Tips to Help You Choose the Best Door Hardware

Door hardware, or the lockset, includes the knob or handle and lock. Different locksets are made for different uses, but once you know which kind you need, you can proceed to choose the style and finish of the hardware. Moreover, no matter which hardware you prefer, it always pays to invest in high-quality products.   

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Door Hardware

Read on for tips on how to select door hardware from a local doors installation expert.

Look Into the Different Types of Doorknobs

There are more types of doorknobs aside from square and round. You can also choose from a lever-type handle or a handle set. It is easier to grab lever handles than doorknobs, and they meet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible design requirements. On the other hand, doorknobs are not ADA-approved as they need tight grasping or pinching as well as twisting. ADA compliance is required in commercial construction, but it is not for residential structures. However, lever handles will make it easier for everyone to operate doors.

Know About the Different Types of Lockset

Passage Lockset

Passage lockset is simply designed for passage from one place to another. They are commonly installed in closet doors, pantry doors, and sometimes in bedroom doors.

Keyed Entry

You can lock a keyed lockset on both sides, and it is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. It means you can have it in your exterior French doors. It’s a great option for entry doors and for securing closets.

Privacy Lockset

Privacy locksets are great for rooms that require privacy, like bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices. You can lock the privacy side by turning or pushing a button. There is no lock on the outside but there is a small hole in the knob that you can use to unlock the door in case of an emergency.

Dummy Lockset

Non-functional or dummy locks feature a knob or handle on both sides that do not turn or activate any type of locking or latching mechanism. You typically see them in linen or broom closets.

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