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Repair or Replace Debate: Exterior Doors Edition

To repair or to replace?

It’s the Hamlet of all home improvement questions. Unlike the Shakespearean character’s soliloquy, though, this one’s a bit easier to crack. Here’s a brief guide to deciding when to patch up or get rid of your old doors:

Long-Term Value
Some repairs do make sense. For example, there are times when the problem lies in the weather stripping and not in the unit itself. If that’s the case, ask an expert to reapply the strips or use more efficient seals (e.g., caulking).

However, if the problem is with the door itself, replacement makes more sense. If it’s made with weak materials that don’t match your climate or if it’s been seriously damaged by constant exposure to the weather, repetitive repairs will simply cost you more down the line.

When deciding to replace your Kansas City doors, always focus on the long term. If you think about it, the cost of patching up inefficient doors pile up, after all. You’ll save more over time if you replace them once and for all with better-performing and longer-lasting units.

Energy Efficiency
Here’s another rule in the “repair vs. replace” debate: if your current doors have warped too much that they no longer fit properly in their frames, you ought to replace them. This is because costly energy can slip past cracks and gaps. You may be unknowingly overworking your cooling systems to compensate for escaped air. More often than not, this results in an increase in your utility bills.

Opt for a unit that has superior insulation features. If you have patio doors that need replacing, look into the excellent catalog of Renewal by Andersen®. Our doors use efficient glass packages with low-emissivity coatings. These are meant to reduce heat gain so you can comfortably enjoy sunlight and views of your deck or garden even during warm days.

Don’t let your home improvement in Kansas City end up like a theater tragedy. Trust only experts with the job.

Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City is your go-to team for high-quality door installation. Just give us the heads-up and we’ll replace your inefficient doors pronto. Call us for a free estimate and consultation at (913) 956-0887 today. Our professionals will be glad to discuss with you the replacement door option that’s right for your home.

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