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Q and A: 3 Things to Ask Your Door Contractor

Retiring your old patio doors is an exciting change. It’s an opportunity to boost your space’s beauty, security and energy efficiency, and reduce the time spent on maintenance. With so many products to consider, though, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Q and A: 3 Things to Ask Your Door Contractor
Q and A: 3 Things to Ask Your Door Contractor

To narrow your options down, ask these important questions before tackling doors installation:

Which Door Style Is Best?

French door and contemporary door systems have unique advantages but are equally desirable. The former meshes with traditional homes with its iconic appearance while the latter blends in with modern architectural style with narrow framing and large glass.

Aesthetics aside, pay attention to door operation. Some patio doors glide, while others swing open. The way your units open and close can affect your home’s livability on many levels. For example, hinged French doors provide a lot of access but need room to operate, which are the complete opposite of sliding ones.

Ask your contractor about all of the differences among door styles to see which makes sense to your unique space. Weigh the pros against the cons to make an informed decision.

What Makes a Glazed Patio Door Energy-Efficient?

According to ENERGY STAR®, the anatomy of an energy-efficient door includes multiple panes, improved core materials and enhanced weather stripping. Instead of focusing on individual features, pay attention to the overall performance of the whole.

In addition to the ENERGY STAR logo, look for the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) seal. This label contains information about the unit’s energy performance ratings. In Johnson County, Kansas, doors with more than 50% glass must have a 0.30 U-factor (or less) and a 0.40 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (or less). This combination of ratings would suffice to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the North-Central Climate Zone.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

To determine whether your hinged or sliding doors are worth the investment, scrutinize the warranties that come with them. Realize that product guarantees don’t necessarily cover installation-related errors; clarify if you’d be protected from poor workmanship.

At Renewal® by Andersen of Kansas City, our doors are available in numerous styles and configurations to suit every home design. Our products have exceptional energy performance ratings to help lower your cooling and heating costs significantly. They also come with superior warranty protection, giving you insurance against defects in manufacturing, material and workmanship.

Call us at (913) 956-0887 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation to learn more about our products in detail. We serve homeowners in Olathe along with its neighboring communities.

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