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Get Your Glass Right: Tips on Picking a Glass Patio Door

One of the best ways to make the transition from your interior to your patio is to use a glass patio door. Unlike regular doors, a glass patio door does not break the line of sight from inside the home, creating a smoother transition to the outdoors. However, doors installation isn’t as simple as buying the first glass door you see. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right glass patio door for your home.

Get Your Glass Right: Tips on Picking a Glass Patio Door
Get Your Glass Right: Tips on Picking a Glass Patio Door
1. Consider the Space

Depending on the available space upon the entryway, you have to be careful when selecting a patio door. If there’s plenty of room for the door panels to swing open, then French doors and their wide, swinging panels would be the best option. If space is a bit limited, you may want to consider a sliding door or even a single-panel door.

2. Maximize the View

The bigger the glass, the better you can view the outdoors and the smoother the transition from indoors to the patio. If you can, go for patio doors with very large glass panels. Sliding doors usually have the entire panel area (minus the frame) made of glass. Don’t worry too much about lack of privacy – some blinds or curtains should be enough to do the trick.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Energy Efficiency

Since glass patio doors let a lot of sunlight in your home, you might end up having to use more power to keep your home cool. Fortunately, glass patio doors that use low-E glass panels are becoming more common. Low-E glass reduces the amount of heat energy and UV rays that pass through the glass patio doors without having to sacrifice natural lighting, allowing you to cut down on cooling costs.

4. Don’t Forget the Frame

Glass patio doors can have different frame materials, which can also have an effect on their appearance, durability and energy efficiency. Solid metal frames are generally sturdier than vinyl or fiberglass frames, but not as energy-efficient or as sleek as the other two. Choosing the frame is mostly about figuring out which material suits the rest of the home, and your energy efficiency requirements.

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