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Choosing the Right Wood Interior Doors

Wood finishes are one of the best innovations in recent times. Unlike unfinished wood, wood finishes won’t fade or rot. At Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City, we offer different wood finishes for our customers. We recommend it for our different door installations. This is how to find the right one.

Choosing the Right Wood Interior Doors

Choosing the Right Wood Interior Doors

Why Wood?

You might be wondering why wood finishes are recommended. Simply put, wood is one of the most valuable home improvement materials ever used. It has an authentic, rustic look that brings luxury and beauty to any home.

However, we mentioned that traditional wood has certain defects. That’s why our wood finishes are a better solution. Whether it’s applied to hinged or sliding doors, you won’t need to worry about maintenance. The most work you’ll need is an annual polish to keep it looking good. Otherwise, wood finishes are so close to the real thing that you might not be able to tell the difference.

Finding the Right Color Scheme

While wood finishes are a good fit for different homes, the color scheme is more problematic. You can’t simply have an oak door and just leave it at that. The reason behind this is the shade. Different wood species have different colors. Some, like oak, have a light brown shade. Others may look like red, white or dark brown. There are even a few that mix multiple colors together.

The best way to plan the color of your finish is to consider the rest of your interior. For your French doors to fit, the color needs to match the general scheme. If you have dark colors in the room, like red and green, chestnut colors could match. You can also use a color wheel to pick out complementary matches.

When you want a high-quality door for your home, Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City can help you. Call us at (913) 956-0887 to learn more about our services and products, including the different finishes we offer. You can also fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve Olathe and other nearby areas.

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