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3 Times Renewal by Andersen® French Doors Open Up Your Space

Choosing French doors for your patio is like giving your home its biggest windows. After all, they originated as windows that stretched down to the floor in the Renaissance Era. And just like their source, they can successfully open up your space and blur the line between indoor and outdoor areas.

3 Times Renewal by Andersen® French Doors Open Up Your Space
French Doors

How can Renewal by Andersen® of Kansas City’s French doors create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition? Check out the best reasons:

Sweeping View Night and Day

Unlike solid fixtures, French patio doors offer a lovely view of the outside world all the time. Open or closed, they bring nature closer to your interior and lend a sense of depth to your home design.

If you have a small room, replacing your solid doors with a pair of large glass units changes the look and feel of your space. It gives the illusion of extra real estate, fooling the eye that there’s more square footage.

Clear Scenery with Excellent Energy Performance

Like with our sliding doors, our French patio door systems come with advanced Low-E glass. Thanks to the spectrally selective multi-layer, low-emissivity coating, our doors only reflect unwanted rays from the sun. They let most of the visible light through while sending the solar heat and ultraviolet radiation back to the sky.

When closed, our French doors can keep your home comfortable and admit plenty of sunshine to illuminate your indoor space.

Even if you choose a more efficient option, the reinforced coating virtually has no effect on the glass’s clarity. In turn, your views would remain vibrant as if no glass separates you from the outside.

Unbroken Panorama with Grilles

Colonial-style grilles are perhaps the style associated with French doors, but you actually have more choices at your disposal.

To have a greater plain glass area, we offer prairie and farmhouse grille patterns for our patio doors installation. In each panel, the prairie style features four long, interwoven lines that form rectangles on all sides and squares in all corners. On the other hand, the farmhouse pattern only covers one-third of the glass panel. It involves two vertical bars running from the top to a single horizontal line. Both prairie and farmhouse patterns reduce the visual division of the glass, providing unobstructed outdoor views.

French doors inherent open up your space, but you can use them to best effect if you tailor them to your unique needs. Call Renewal by Andersen of Kansas City today at (913) 956-0887 to schedule your free design consultation in Olathe and customize your French door design.

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