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Part 2: Windows and Energy Efficiency – Energy Efficient Window Features

Whether it’s fixed, sliding, or double awning, different homes require different types of window features to make them truly energy efficient. Some window types work well in warm weather, while others are better for houses in cold areas. The following are examples of energy efficient window features.

Low-Emissivity coatings or Low-E

By applying a thin layer of reflective substance on a windowpane, the window deflects heat away from the house more efficiently. You may find Low-E windows a bit more expensive than regular windows, but it is more affordable than other energy-efficient options. Still, Low-E coatings are the most versatile feature, since it can be used in almost any type of window. In fact, you can buy low-E films and apply them to your existing windows, although it’s still better to ask help from a professional to be able to get the most out of it.


By using separate glass sheets, a window gets a pocket of air inside it. The trapped air serves as an extra layer of insulation, making it easier to keep indoor temperature at a constant level. Moisture tends to develop within the air pockets when humidity is high, but that should only be a concern if you’re living in a tropical area or somewhere that rains a lot.

Gas fill

Found in double-pane windows, gas between the panels is either krypton or argon gas instead of regular air. Gas fills work well on fixed windows because there are no moving parts that may create leaks. However, they do not fare well in high altitude areas where the low air pressure can cause the gas to leak out.

These features all sound great, but how cost efficient is replacing your windows going to be? Learn whether there is any financial advantages in the long run in Part – 3, coming soon.

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