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French Doors & Energy Efficiency – PART III: Installation Tips & Considerations for Better Performance

At this point, you may already have enough information about French doors to make the decision to have them installed in your home. In this last installment, we help seal the deal and finalize your decision by giving you French door installation tips to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Opt for Proven Products

Solid hardwood and comparable engineered products, such as Fibrex, offer better insulation values than other door materials. Installing a high-quality French door can ensure that you get maximum energy efficiency benefits.

Opt for High-Performance Low-E Glass

Low-E glass offers optimal visual transmittance while keeping solar and radiant heat at bay. Furthermore, choosing a product that has glass panes with gas fills, such as argon, in between will ensure that energy leakage is kept to a minimum.

Caulk Properly

The new doorframe must be properly caulked to seal it to the rough opening and threshold. This will also help prevent unwanted air from getting around the door seals and into the house, and keep energy from escaping.

Add Weatherstripping

Make sure that your French doors are weatherproof to prevent energy loss and damage from the elements. In fact, this should apply to all types of doors. If necessary, apply weatherstripping to the cracks between the door and the doorframe to seal the space.

Consult a professional

Installation is very important to a fenestration product’s performance and, more often than not, you are better off having a French door custom-made and professionally installed. A reliable window contractor or professional will not only install your door, but also give you recommendations to help you achieve what you have in mind.

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